The Big Bible Weekend - 7th-8th May 2016

Come and explore the wonder of the Bible with us during our 'Big Bible Weekend' from the 7th to the 8th of May (God willing). During the weekend there will be many activities to which you are warmly invited. All activities are free.


Bible Exhibition

Enjoy a special opportunity to walk around our Bible Exhibition. Review a remarkable selection of Bibles, ranging from Hebrew scrolls to modern versions and discover how the Bible has come to us. There are also a variety of displays which illustrate and explain the wonder of the Bible and the important topics it covers.
Entry & refreshments are free. For those with children there will also be free children’s activities

Opening times
Saturday 7th May - 10AM - 6:45PM
Sunday 8th May - 1PM - 5:45PM


Bible Talks

Come and hear two exciting talks showing the relevance of the Bible today and the message it has for the future.

The first deals with the purpose God has with Israel and unlocks the amazing miracle of the nation as revealed in the Bible. The second explains why Jesus is soon going to return to the earth and what he will do when he returns.

Israel in Bible Prophecy - Saturday 7th May - 7PM
Jesus the Coming King - Sunday 8th May - 6PM


1 2 1 Seminars

Are you interested in the Bible but not sure where or how to begin? Why not sign up to one of our 1 2 1 seminars? Our seminars cover a wide variety of subjects from how to study the Bible to specific studies on topics like 'The Kingdom of God'. They are designed in a manageable step by step way, so you can go at your own pace. A dedicated tutor will also be on hand to help you. You can register by visiting the Exhibition or by contacting us.