Special Bible Talk: Middle East Peace - The Bible Solution

The Nottingham Forest Road Christadelphians invite you to an exciting Bible Talk:

Middle East Peace - The Bible Solution


When: Thursday 26th March 2015 at 7:30PM God Willing

Where: Christadlepahin Hall, 72 Forest Raod West, Nottingham, NG7 4EP



The conflict in the Middle East is a huge problem for world leaders. Hardly a day will go by without a conflict from the region being mentioned in our media.

A new aggressor has recently risen. ISIS came to international notice last year when it made major gains in northern and western Iraq.

Last year the world witnessed an escalation in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas group in Gaza. There are flashpoints in the West Bank due to conflicting claims for land made by Israeli settlers and Palestinians.

The Hezbollah terrorist group in Lebanon - armed & financed by its close allies Iran & Syria - is central to a coalition of hostile forces who want to wipe Israel off the map.

Many consider the situation to be impossible to resolve. Others try, but have so far failed to produce any lasting peace.

What might Israel do next? If Iran has nuclear weapons, will it use them? What will the US or Russia do?

How has the situation become so bad? Why did the fighting start in the first place and will it ever be resolved? In this special public talk we will examine these questions from a Biblical perspective and show that the origins of conflict are outlined within its pages. The Bible teaches that God does indeed have a wonderful plan of future peace for the region.


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*** Post Talk Update: a video of this talk can be seen here***