Come to a Bible Talk

We hold free Bible talks in our hall on Forest Road West in Nottingham to which we extend a warm welcome to all who wish to study the Bible and find out more about God's message and purpose.

Our lectures normaly start at 6:00PM every Sunday Evening and a wide variety of important Bible topics are spoken about by our speakers, who are all members of the Christadelphian community. The purpose of our lectures is to preach the gospel as is taught in the Bible and as the first followers of Christ understood it.

After the talk we normally serve tea and biscuits and encourage lively discussion around the topic of the talk. It is at this time where we will try and answer any questions people might have about the talk or about their studies of God's word.


Christadelphian Hall
72 Forest Road West


Forest Road is easy to get to from Nottingham city centre. Please see the map below: